Renting a Car

Today when you want to rent a car, you have the choice of either renting from a traditional car rental company or, opting to rent a car from a car share company like Zipcar. If you choose to rent a car in the traditional manner, you go to one of their offices, pay for insurance, check out the car you want and then drive off. Although insurance has to be paid for, often if you use a credit card to pay for the rental, that credit card will offer to pay the cost of the insurance. If having selected the car you would want, if it is dirty or otherwise unacceptable, you merely ask for a different one. With a Zipcar things are different. First you must be a member but once you are you can book a car by phone or using an app on a smartphone. You then go to a parking space you told where you find your car. By merely running your membership card across the windshield, the car is open and available or you to use; fuel and insurance are all included. However, if the car is dirty or otherwise in a bad shape, there is little you can do as that is the car you booked and so you have to hope that the previous user left it in good shape. With a traditional rental car, on return you fill back the gas tank at your own expense but with a Zipcar there is no need, the fuel was included in the price however, you may have been restricted to the number of miles that you drove.

There certainly are advantages to using Zipcar or any of the other car sharing companies especially if you take advantage of any special offers like a new zipcar promotion code however, there are also some disadvantages like never being sure if the car will be clean or having to be a member before rental. This means that the advantages of one form of rental will not always outweigh the disadvantages of the other, it will depend on the individual circumstances of each rental. If you are a business and concerned about costs and convenience, a car share may be your preferred choice on most occasions but if you want to rent a car to pick up an important client, the cleanliness of the car may be one of your major concerns and so in that instance, you may opt for a more traditional rental. One certain disadvantage of car shares is that they are currently only available in large cities, not in local towns but their popularity is spreading and so that may soon change. The larger car share companies like Zipcar have already expanded to offer cars in Canada and some of Europe’s major cities. Although it is very unlikely that car share companies will ever fully replace the traditional rental car companies, they may continue to take away some of their business.